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Southgate warns England players ahead of the crucial game against Croatia

Southgate warns England players ahead of the crucial game against Croatia

England coach Gareth Southgate said it was appropriate to warn his players on a festive night for the team.

Southgate was not satisfied after a 3-0 win at Wembley on Thursday.

But since the match saw the recent international appearance of Wayne Rooney, the England's leading scorer, the coach decided it was best to avoid this after less than perfect performance.

This has not stopped him from giving his players a warning, especially as the team is ahead of a crucial match against Croatia on Sunday.

"In the end we did not play with discipline, the balls were cut during the construction of the attack and our defense was open. If we repeat the same mistakes on Sunday, we will lose," he said.

"We did not discuss this before because Rooney made a nice speech at the end of the game, and I did not want to spoil his promotion, but I will make that point in the next couple of days."

Southgate has made many changes in the starting lineup, with striker Kalom Wilson and defender Louis Dunk playing for England for the first time and 18-year-old Gadun Sancho for the first time.

Everything went well in the first half after Jesse Lengard and Trent Alexander Arnold scored twice, making England 2-0.

But things were dim in the second half, although Wilson scored his first international goal.

In the second half, Wayne Rooney took the lead in the second half.

Rooney retired from international football last year but returned again in the farewell match.

It was Rooney's 120th international match to become the second-most active player in the England squad, behind Peter Shelton, who has 125 caps.

The 33-year-old Rooney maintained his brilliance and almost scored his 54th goal for a superb save from Brad Guzan in stoppage time.

"Tonight was fantastic, a great way to end my international career, unfortunately I could not score, but I'll remember that for a long time," Rooney said.

Croatia beat Spain 3-2 on Thursday, making the fate of the three teams close to the Group D match between England and Croatia on Sunday.

The winner of this match will advance to the semi-finals next year, while the loser will drop to the second level of the tournament.

The draw will take Spain to the semi-finals, and will determine the final result of the landing of the English and Croatian teams.

It will be the third match between the two teams since last July, where the Croatian team won the semi-finals of the World Cup, and a negative exchange last month in the League of Nations of Europe.

The match was held in Rijeka without the public, due to a penalty imposed on Croatia after fans drew a swastika on the pitch during the Euro 2016 qualifier.

This case will not be in Wembley.

"It's a really good ending for this year, I think all the tickets have been sold, a game everyone expects, and it's definitely the kind of test we want," Southgate said.

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