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Your European morning Juve and Sitti target Alba and Mourinho praises himself

Your European morning Juve and Sitti target Alba and Mourinho praises himself

The European Morning Report is a daily morning report that monitors the visitors of the most prominent sports in the major European newspapers, German, English, Italian, Spanish or French.

English Press:
The Sun:

The transfer of the match Arsenal European 350 km

According to the security measures Arsenal and Vorskla Poltava match were transferred in the fifth round of the European League groups to the city of Kiev in Ukraine.

The distance between Poltava and Kiev is about 350 kilometers, and the 500-strong Arsenal crowd is ahead of Poltava, but they can head to Kiev by train on Thursday evening.

Los Angeles Galaxy offers a small salary for Cole

The Los Angeles Galaxy has offered a very small salary to former Chelsea star Ashley Cole, 37, who offered £ 5,000 a week to the Englishman.

The old player with his American team receives £ 10,900 a week, cutting his salary by almost half in the new decade.

Paris targets de Chia

PARIS (Reuters) - Paris Saint-Germain are looking to sign goalkeeper David Deja of Manchester United to be the successor to Italian Buffon, who is about to retire.

Reports say the 28-year-old will charge the Paris Saint-Germain treasury at least £ 75 million.

Daily Star:

Manchester United want to join Ozil

Manchester United are looking to sign Arsenal midfielder Masoud Ozil after doubts about the future of the former Real Madrid club.

Imry has confirmed before that Ozil has no warranty to play mainly this season, and also indicated that he needs more physical work in order to be more ready.

Spanish Press:

Atletico Madrid

Atletico Madrid are suffering from a number of shocks during the current period, due to the number of injuries suffered by the team in light of the competition for the Spanish league title and the Champions League.

Diego Costa missed Atlético's last race, along with Godyn, Jimenez and Juan Fran, hours before Monaco's Champions League clash.

New exclusion of ISESCO

As usual, under the leadership of Santiago Solari, Isco Alacron is excluded from the formation of Real Madrid, this time against Rome in the fifth round of the Champions League.

No one knows what is going on in Solari's mind, or what is the crisis that keeps the player permanently out of the game, especially since there is no confrontation under Solari.


Do not enter the work of Solari

Real Madrid's director of public relations, Emilio Battragueno, said it was necessary not to talk about Santiago Solari's repeated exclusion of Isco Alacron from the squad.

"In technical matters, we do not have to interfere, but we must not interfere. Solari takes the continents himself, and we do not have to dig ourselves into these things," he said.

Suarez Challenge

Luis Suarez defied time to recover from injury and return to the matches, where he is set against Espanyol in the Spanish league.

Suarez has already started a new phase of treatment on Monday and believes in his healing ability to be ready for the derby on December 8.

Mundo Deportivo:

dembele will not go

Sources within the Barcelona Club confirmed that there is no intention to omit Osman dembele during the coming period, after the spread of several reports on the matter.

The sources indicated that Ernesto Valverde does not want to get rid of dembele next January and believes in his ability to develop further during the coming period.

Italian press:
Toto Sport:

City and Juventus target Alba

Manchester City and Juventus are trying to exploit the crisis of renewing left-back Jordi Alba's contract with Barcelona, ​​after the player admitted his surprise at not reaching a new deal from the Catalan club so far.

City and Juve are watching Alba's position with the Barca administration and may decide to sign the contract at the end of the season. The player is tied to a contract with Barcelona until 2020, when he moved to Valencia from Valencia.

Barcelona may be ready to give up the services of the 29-year-old during his last year between the walls of the Camp Nou for 40 million euros, knowing that the player had played 13 games in Allega and made five goals during them.

La Gazzetta dello Sport:

Will the coffers of Italy's clubs recover by 250 million?

Juventus's coffers have been revived for the last four seasons of the Champions League, equivalent to 357 million euros from the European Union (UEFA) awards, at a rate of 90 million euros a year.

Juventus Since the arrival of coach Massimiliano Alegre has reached the Champions League final twice, in return for exclusion from the competition in the quarter-finals of the last season (2017-18), and the price of the final season (2015-16).

The four Italian clubs - Juventus, Inter Milan, Roma and Napoli - are all expected to qualify for the second round this season, at almost 250 million euros, and the golden opportunity is still in their hands.

Calchio Mercato:

Shaarawi injury

Roma have suffered a severe blow to Real Madrid, with Stephane Shaaroui forced to leave the match, which ended with a 2-0 victory in the Champions League group stage.

Shaarawy, the 92nd winner, was unable to complete the match and was replaced in the 22nd minute by Justin Kluivert after the 26-year-old suffered muscular pain.

Bosnian striker Eddin Djeko missed the match due to injury, with Italian coach Ezebio de Francesco giving the trio Patrick Chek, Gianquez Onder and Shaarawi in the attacking line against Real Madrid.

German Press:

Kagawa wants to leave for Spain

Japanese striker Shinji Kagawa has expressed his desire to leave the Bundesliga and move to Spain.

"In recent years I have always been thinking of going to Spain, I can not retire without playing in Spain," Kagawa said.

"This is the most important challenge in my career."


Hynix comments on Kovac's problems in Bayern

Former Bayern Munich coach Yob Hainks has commented on the problems facing the current Bavarian coach Niko Kovac.

A young coach comes and wants to turn the world upside down. Things are not easy in Munich for Kovacs. "

"There are nice boys and there are major players, and then there are serious injuries to the players are important, they are mountains of problems."

"The team seems to be stable and homogeneous, and I think they have a great chance of qualifying for the Champions League by the end of the season."

French Press
For the cable

Henry spins in Simeone

French coach Thierry Henry has confirmed that he is aiming for third place in the Champions League, in order to be in the European league.

"We will face a great team like Atletico, I know the difficulty of the game, but I am proud to face a great coach like Simeone, who is one of the best coaches now, so I have a lot to learn from him," he said.

Guardiola pays tribute to Lyon

Pep Guardiola, the manager of Manchester City, praised the French trio of Lyon, Maxwell Cornier, Hossam Awar and Vendomele.

"He is very impressed with Maxwell, great talent, Awar is an amazing player and Windumbili has the quiet and control of midfield," said Guardiola in his comments after the game.

France Football

Mourinho praises his achievement

Manchester United coach Jose Mourinho has hailed the Champions League triumph and confirmed he had played 14 seasons and qualified for the second round 14 times.

"No team that I have trained in the Champions League has stopped in the group stage, everyone is qualified for the round of 16," Mourinho said in comments made by France Football.

"The qualification is very important, for some fans and those who love statistics, 14 Champions League season, 14 times qualified for the Round of 16, did not get out of the group stage."

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