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liga insists on setting up Barcelona and Gerona in the United States

liga insists on setting up Barcelona and Gerona in the United States

Liga insists on setting up Barcelona match Javier Teppas, head of the Spanish league, has been pressing ahead with a match in the United States, although the Spanish federation has officially refused.

The Spanish league has signed an advertising agreement to set up one of the most popular Lega competitions in the US ground every year, and Barcelona and Gerona were chosen in January for Miami.
Teppas took advantage of the match against Boca Juniors and River Plate at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium in the Spanish capital Madrid with the final of the Copa Libertadores to support their position in a match against the US Liga.

"We will continue to work, all the legal and moral rights in our class, and we have great hope of setting up the confrontation this season in Miami," Teppas said in remarks quoted by Spanish newspaper AS.

"If the final Copa Libertadores are to be played here in Spanish territory, the most important game in South America at the club level, if we have a strong reason to face a challenge from the Liga in the United States, especially since it is not the most important match in the competition."
Rioting derailed the return leg between the Argentine teams at River Plate after a 1-1 draw, before the South American Football Confederation decided to set up a confrontation outside Argentine territory.

 And Girona in the United States

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