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Barcelona take advantage of the stalemate of their rivals and take the lead at the expense of Getafe

MADRID (Reuters) - Barcelona took advantage of their rivals to slip out of the Primera Liga after beating Getafe 2-1 on Sunday in the 18th round of the competition.

Barca has lifted their lead to 40th in La Liga, five points behind Atletico Madrid, while Getafe has 25 points in ninth place.

Atletico Madrid was tied to third-placed Sevilla on Sunday afternoon, with Real Madrid losing 2-0 to Real Sociedad.
the summary of the match

Getafe managed to surprise Barca with the first minutes of the match, by means of quick and fast attacks against Steigen.

Jaime Mata scored the first goal for Getafe in the 10th minute after receiving a cross to hit Steigen, but the referee canceled it for a mistake in favor of Barcelona.

Lionel Messi scored the first goal of Barcelona in the 21st minute of the meeting, after a ball from inside the penalty area to hit the keeper before returning to put him in the empty net.

Luis Suarez doubled Barcelona's lead in the 39th minute after a superb goal, after the ball fell in front of him on the edge of the area to hit the bird directly into the net.
The left-footer had a chance to score for Getafe in the 41st minute, after Rodriguez had a cross for a direct shot, but missed Steigen.

Mata reduced Barcelona's lead by scoring the first goal for Getafe in the 43rd minute, after a cross around the player with his body in the net against Steigen amid the lack of Catalan defense.

Messi missed the opportunity to score the third goal of Barcelona in the 62nd minute after he received a high ball inside the penalty area, to play with his foot but in the hands of the keeper.

The Argentinians reappeared in the 77th minute after being singled out for Getafe, but the keeper successfully managed to tackle them successfully to prevent the Catalan third goal.

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