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Fowler reveals .. What is missing Liverpool to win the league title this season?

Former Liverpool legend Robbie Fowler has revealed that Reds have a single obstacle to winning the English Premier League title this season.

"The Reds have a big challenge this season for Premier League," said Fowler, who said the absence of experience in the face of Manchester City's challenge would make it difficult for Juergen Klopp, the German coach of the Reds.
Fowler said that Liverpool have so far dominated the league table, but the recent loss to Manchester City may be a difficult task, noting that he did not think that defeat will bring him down.

"What I'm thinking of is that Manchester City have good players and the experience to deal with those positions, unlike the Reds, who only focus on the game plan and that's what they lack," he said.
"In addition, Liverpool has lacked the experience of winning consistently Unlike Manchester City, Liverpool did not win the championship for 28 years, while Cityzen has won the title three times in the last 10 seasons.

Premier League leaders Liverpool are set to face Wolverhampton on Monday in the FA Cup.

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