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Manchester City beat Liverpool and being swept away by the unbeaten streak in the league

Manchester City beat Liverpool and being swept away by the unbeaten streak in the league

Manchester City beat Liverpool 2-1 in the first round of the English Premier League on Thursday.

Manchester City has lost their unbeaten streak in the league, as did the Reds last season.

Manchester City raised their lead to 50 points in second place and stayed Liverpool in the lead with 54 points.

first half

Manchester City entered the game with great offensive power and pressure on Liverpool's defensive elements, and the guests tried to hold on to absorb the defending champions at the start of the match.

Liverpool responded in the 8th minute with a quick rebound and Alexandre Arnold sent a cross from the right side received by Manchester City's Fernandinho on the knee and went to goalkeeper Ederson.

Liverpool missed a chance to score the goal in the 19th minute after Salah played a great lead for the German who rebounded from the post to be paid by Stones in the body of Ederson goalkeeper before returning back and away from the line of the goal where the goal line technology did not indicate to pass the ball.
David Silva missed a serious chance in the 28th minute after receiving a superb pass through the box from Raheem Sterling, but a weak shot from Van Dijk's foot.

Mohamed Salah received a foul in the 31st minute after a foul by Manchester City captain Vincent Kompany, who received a yellow card.

Aguero scored for Manchester City in the 40th minute when he received a pass from Bernardo Silva right-wing and turned towards the goal amid poor control of Lovren and a left-footed net in the net.

The events of the first half continued and Liverpool's offensive attempts increased after receiving the goal but ended with Aguero's only goal.

Second half

Manchester City demanded a penalty for Sterling in the 52nd minute after Robertson knocked him down and ordered the referee to continue playing.

The ball bounced back to Arnold in the 56th minute on the edge of the Manchester City area to strike a straight ball that hit a goal.

Fabinho took James Milner's lead in the 57th minute in an attempt by Juergen Klub to revive the center of the team.

After a series of passes for Manchester City players, Danilo struck the ball in the 59th minute from outside the box and came near the right post.

Fermino equalized for Liverpool in the 65th minute after receiving a superb pass by Robertson with a header in front of the net.
Gundogan took over from David Silva in the 66th minute.

Manchester City returned to Manchester City in the 71st minute after receiving a pass from Sterling to a ground that hit the right post and hit the goal.

Shaqiri participated in the game 77 minutes instead of Sadio Mane to play in the front line with Mohamed Salah and Ferdinando.

The equalizer came in front of Mohamed Salah in the 84th minute after he got a pass and surpassed the Stones and controlled it and then headed for a ball addressed by Ederson and around for a corner kick.

Daniel Sturridge took the place in the 86th minute from Liverpool, while Kyle Wacker took part with Manchester City instead of Laporte.

The referee gave the referee a 5-minute lead-time in the second half, but Liverpool, who dominated that period, failed to threaten the city's goal to their first league defeat of the season.

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