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SKY: Fabregas is playing his last game against Nottingham Forest before leaving for Monaco

LONDON (Reuters) - Chelsea's Cesc Fabregas will play his last match against the Blues in front of Nottingham Forest in the FA Cup.

According to Sky Sports, Fabregas is preparing to leave Chelsea after Saturday's Nottingham Forest Cup match with Monaco.

The reason for Fabregas's departure is mainly because he is not taking part under the leadership of coach Mauricio Sari.
The 31-year-old's contract ends at the end of this season after he refused to renew his contract with Chelsea.

Fabregas played only six games during the season with the Blues in the Premiership, during which he could not score or score goals.

Fabregas moved to the Blues in 2014, coming from Barcelona and participating in a total of 197 appearances for Chelsea in all competitions, scoring 22 goals and 57 others.

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