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The curse of the beginning of the year follows the royal .. Real Madrid falls in the tie against Villarreal

MADRID (Reuters) - Real Madrid were unable to maintain a 2-1 win over Villarreal on Thursday in the 18th round of the La Liga and fell 2-2 at the 82nd minute.

Villarreal made a quick start with Santi Cazorla 4 minutes into the first half before Benzema equalizer in the 7th minute and Varane scored in the 20th minute before the referee canceled a third goal from Modric.
In the second half, the Real failed to maintain their lead. Cazorla scored the equalizer for the team and the second in the 82nd minute.

The draw drew Real Madrid to 30 points in fourth place, seven points behind leaders Barcelona and two points away from third-placed Sevilla, while Villarreal lifted their points to 16 points in the 17th place to advance the center of what it was before the game.

This is the 42th game played by Real Madrid at the beginning of any new year in their away tournaments; their players could only win in eight games.

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