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Liverpool take over the castle of Bavaria on the remains of Bayern

Liverpool take over the castle of Bavaria on the remains of Bayern

Liverpool qualified for the quarter-final of the Champions League to beat Bayern Munich in its Bavarian-castle "Allianz Arena" (3-1) to make up for a draw at Anfield.

Mane opened the scoring for Liverpool, then tied the game to Lewandowski, before van Dijk came back and Salah made the third goal for Mane

Liverpool became the fourth English team in the quarter-finals of the Champions League, while Germany lost all their clubs in the knockout stage to become a quarter-final player.
Salah had said at a news conference a few days ago that the Champions League was his biggest dream, but he did not mind sacrificing this dream to win the Premier League, Liverpool's biggest dream.

the summary of the match

Bayern Munich pressed hard in the first few minutes for an early goal and managed to curtail Liverpool and force it back into the middle of the pitch. Alcantara almost opened the scoring with a powerful shot in the right corner.

Bayern Munich and their fans called for a penalty in the tenth minute after Lewandowski's injury in the penalty area after a clash with van Dijk but the ball passed safely over Liverpool.
Liverpool began to breathe in the stadium after the first quarter-hour, Bayern took possession and saw the 25th minute his first chance after a superb pass from Salah to Fermino, who shot a shell passed just behind the left post.

Sedio Mane took advantage of goalkeeper Manuel Noir's mistake in the 26th minute and shot the ball into the net and the English team celebrated the first goals.

In the 39th minute, Bayern equalized with a dangerous cross from a January around which defender Matip accidentally turned against Allison to spark the match and the Bavarian side needed another goal to qualify.

Lewandowski almost scored in the 45th minute after a complete solo, and a successful dribble for keeper Allison, but the ball went far out of control to hit a goal, but the television replays confirmed the Bayern striker's infiltration.
Mane set off in the center of Bayern Munich in the 50th minute but the defense stepped in to hit the ball to Salah, who advanced and fired a shot in the distance by Noir and close to Milner to follow in the net but did not follow.

In the 69th minute, Milner sent a cross from a corner to take the Dutchman Van Dyck above the crowd and score with a fatal header to Manuel Noir to announce the progress of Liverpool again.

Salah was close to scoring in the 75th minute after the ball inside the penalty area to control and run successfully but before putting the ball towards the goal of Noir intervened defense away from the ball and followed by the goalkeeper's foot to escape the owners of the ground from a third goal.

In the 84th minute, Salah glowed with a superb cross that Mani easily trailed into the net of Noir, who stood to watch a goal with a third goal that ensured his side's exit from the final.
Bayern Munich did not manage to reduce the gap despite his rare attempts in the last minute, to qualify for a historic victory to the quarter-finals, and continue his adventure towards the title missing.

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