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Report ... Before the signing of Bayern .. Will Salah save Liverpool for the 21st time?

Report ... Before the signing of Bayern .. Will Salah save Liverpool for the 21st time?

"Good luck tonight .. I am sure you will do it because you are the best" a message by Mahmoud Hassan Trezeguet star of Qassim Pasha's Turkish team to his fellow England player Mohamed Salah before the Reds matche against Bayern Munich in the Champions League.

Salah has suffered some pressure during the last period because of his absence from registration during the last five games at the local and European levels, where Bournemouth's game in the last round of the latest 26 "Mo" in the net of rivals.

Liverpool will play a crucial match against Bayern Munich at 10 pm on Wednesday at Allianz Arena in the Round of 16 of the Champions League. The first leg ended in a 0-0 draw at Anfield, meaning Liverpool have two chances to grab a card. Qualifying to the quarter-finals of the Champions either win any result or draw a positive result.
The hopes of the fans of Liverpool hang on to the trio Mohammed Salah, Roberto Firmino, and Sadio Mane, to reserve the ticket to the quarter-finals, especially as the Reds is the last summer.

During more than a crucial game for Liverpool, Moe was on time by scoring goals or making them for his teammates to give his team three points or a rally card to show them:

In the Champions League

Season 17/18

* In the first group rounds for Liverpool in the tournament, the Reds met with Sevilla, Salah scored a goal in a 2-2 draw.

* In the quarterfinals, the draw drew Liverpool in a match against Manchester City. Salah scored one goal and made another in the first leg, which was settled by the Reds with three without a reply. In the second leg, Mo scored another goal in the match that ended with a 2-1 loss.

Season 18/19

* In the final round of the Champions League Group Stage, Liverpool's position is not to lose to Paris St Germain, who leads the group, and the Reds needed to win the last match against Napoli to equalize the teams in the number of points and resort to the result of direct confrontation or calculation of goal difference .

Salah was on time and scored his only goal, which gave him the lead to the round of 16 after the two teams in the number of points and direct confrontations to give the difference goals green light for the players of Juergen Club to rise to the playoffs.
In the Premier League

Season 17/18

* Liverpool opened the first round match against Watford away, Salah scored the third goal of his team and made another, and ended the match with a positive draw 3-3.

* The fifth round against Burnley, Liverpool was late with a goal before the Egyptian Pharaoh could score the equalizer to give his team a point instead of a loss.

* Leicester City's sixth-round match, Moe contributed to the win by scoring a goal in the 3-2 game.

* Chelsea's match in the 13th round of the league, which ended in a 1-1 draw, Salah scored his only goal.

* Everton's game of the 16th round ended in a positive draw for each team, and Mo scored the goal of the Reds.

* In the 19th round, Liverpool came back to Arsenal in the 3-3 draw, and Salah scored a goal for his teammates to get a point.

* Round 21 match Liverpool teamed up with Leicester City, Salah Hadfy scored the Reds in the game that saw the loss of the foxes 2-1.

* The 23rd round match, Liverpool hosted Manchester City rivals Anfield, and the first loss in the tournament after the club won and won 4-3, Salah scored a goal and made another.

* In the 26th week Liverpool faced Tottenham Hotspur, and the game ended with a 2-2 draw.

* The 27th round match against Southampton saw Salah scoring a goal and another industry to give his team 3 points after a 2-2 win.

.* Watford game In the 31st round Salah scored four goals next to the fifth goal industry to win the Reds by five without a reply.

* Round 32 The Egyptian Pharaoh gave his team another 3 points after scoring the winner in Crystal Palace's 2-1 win.
This season

* In the third round match against Brighton, Mohammed Salah defeated Al-Reedz with a non-reply, repeating the same thing in the 22nd round against the same team, and the ninth round against Huddersfield recorded Mu's only winning goal.

* In the 16 round match against Bournemouth, Salah Hattrick scored a 4-0 win.

* Match of the 18th round against Wolverhampton The Egyptian Pharaoh scored a goal and made another to win the Reds with two goals without a reply.

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