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Report .. Motivation Salah pays Mane to offer his best seasons in Premier league

Report .. Motivation Salah pays Mane to offer his best seasons in Premier league

In the last season, Mohamed Salah imposed himself on everyone in Liverpool or England after he got the top scorer in the English Premier League alongside the best player in Premier League despite the fact that only a year ago he was inside the Reds Castle.

This season, despite the competition of Salah on a top scorer with Argentine star Sergio Aguero, but "Mo" found a fierce competitor, his teammate Senegalese player Sadio Mani, who is seeking to put himself among the adults.
In the last four league games, Mane has been given a chance to score several figures this season, which is what we will see in the following report:

- The 50th goal

Mani became the second African player to reach 50 goals with Liverpool in all competitions, both domestic and continental, after Mohammed Salah, who scored 64 goals in the Reds shirt.

- The best season

Since moving from Southampton to Liverpool, Sadio Mani has made his best seasons in the Reds, with Senegal scoring the most goals before the end of the competition with eight rounds.

In his first season with Liverpool (2016-2017), Mane managed to score 13 goals in 27 games, while Senegal scored 10 goals in 29 games.

During this season the Senegalese star managed to reach the 16th goal in 28 appearances with Liverpool.
Salalah African Achievement Formula

Mane became Liverpool's fifth player in six consecutive games at Anfield in Premier league, with Fernando Torres (8), Luis Suarez and Mohamed Salah (7), Michael Owen (6)

Mani scored for Arsenal (goal), then Crystal Palace (goal), Leicester City (goal), Bournemouth (goal), Watford (two goals) and Burnley (two goals).

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