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Your morning is European .. Sarri criticizes Hazzard .. Truce in Real Madrid

English Press:
Daily Mail:
Gary Neville criticizes the renewal negotiations with De Gea

Former Manchester United player Gary Neville has criticized club management for the renewal negotiations with David De Chia, who is currently in charge despite the current time of the season.

"The first thing you say when you see something like this is that the ball has changed direction, but this has not happened, and the big mistake on the part of De Chia is not in his best season," he said of Arsenal's first goal against De Chia. Renewal negotiations affect him. "

Daily Star:
Sarri criticizes Hazard

Chelsea manager Mauricio Sari has been criticized for having played for Eden Hazard despite scoring the equalizer for Wolverhampton in the Premier League.

"Hazard is a great player and he can solve any situation at any time, but like the rest of the players he has to move the ball more," Sari said after the game.

Daily Express:
Solskjaer criticizes the verdict

Manchester United manager Gunner Solskjaer has criticized Arsenal's Jonathan Moss for his penalty kick and caused the second goal.

"I think the referee will be frustrated when he sees the penalty again because it's not true," said Solshire.
Spanish Press:
Real Madrid truce

Real Madrid got a truce from the negative results after they beat Valladolid with four goals for one, in a game that witnessed exciting events.

The elimination of two goals and a missed penalty for Valladolid had the effect of magic in the reaction of the Real Madrid players, to pursue the goals until the victory after a series of negative results.

Where are the video rulers

In a controversial incident, the referee's video room appeared free of the referees present during the Real Madrid clash against Valladolid.

In the first Real Madrid scoring shot, the television showed the room empty despite the technique, but it could be a mistake from the director who took the photo to another empty room on the pitch.

Real loses Casemiro

Real Madrid will lose Brazilian player Casimiro in the upcoming Spanish league clash with Celta Vigo.

This is due to the dismissal of Casemiro during Real Madrid's clash with Valladolid, after receiving two yellow cards in 15 minutes.

The reason for ISCO's relationship with Solari is strained

The relationship between Santiago Solari and Isco Alcroon in Real Madrid remains bad during the current period, but it seems to be a big cause.

Our sources confirm that the relationship worsened between the two parties because of the science of Solari to guide Isco to insults to the close, along with a number of tweets through Twitter, which did not satisfy the manager.

Mundo Deportivo:
Gravity on Dembly

Osman Dembly's participation with Barcelona against Lyon in the return of the last 16 of the Champions League will be a serious risk to the player.

What came to us from the dressing rooms of Barcelona, the payment of Dimple in the game under the injury suffered by the current will be very dangerous to the future of the player in the coming period.
Italian press:
Clasico Mercato:
Monchi sets his first goals

Ramon Rodriguez, the former sports director of Rome, has been named as the sport's first manager for the summer gamblers.

Juventus defender Daniele Rugani will be the first gunner's deal this summer.

La Gazzetta dello Sport:
Liverpool and City scored 100 million euros

The Napoli administration has set the price for the sale of Lorenzo Encino, captain of the Celtic team, as many European clubs want to buy their services.

Liverpool and Manchester City want to buy Inessini next summer to give Naples management 100 million euros to approve the sale of the Italian international.

Will Gattuso miss Milan derby?

AC Milan coach Gennaro Gattuso faces the specter of absence from the Milan derby against Inter after being sent off during the Chievo Verona match.

Gattuso was sent off for the 2-1 win over AC Milan, threatening to miss the match until the Italian federation's decision on the incident is known.
German Press:
Kovac more beneficiaries of the exclusion of the trio

Germany's Bild newspaper said the dismissal of Bavarian trio Thomas Muller, Jerome Boateng and Mats Hummels from Germany would benefit Bayern Munich.

Bild said coach Bernanke's coach Niko Kovac was the most likely to be excluded from the trio as the Bavarian side competed for the Wandlesliga and the focus in the Champions League.

The legend of Liverpool lists Club benefits

The number of Liverpool legend Ian Rush, the advantage of the Reds coach Jorgen Klub, before the team face Bayern Munich in the leg of the knockout 16 of the Champions League on Wednesday.

Rush said in his interview with Kicker, "Club is doing a great job, has an ambition, someone who has vitality, radiates positive energy and has all the advantages.

"Rush," asked Club to stay with Liverpool for a long time, expressing his wish.
French Press:
France Football:
Thanks to Balotelli

With the goal of Balotelli, Marseille snatched a fresh victory in the Ligue 1, beating Nice 1-0 at the end of the 28th round.

Marcelia raised his lead to 47 points to keep his position in fourth place on the table and tightened the noose on third-placed Lyon with 50 points.

Le Parisien
Paris complains Evra

Paris Saint-Germain has filed a formal complaint with the European Football Union against former Manchester United player Patrice Evra for his provocations against the French fans.

Evra celebrated in an improper manner a mockery of Paris Saint-Germain after the team's exit from the quarter-finals of the Champions League by Manchester United.

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