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Report: Juve agree with Rakitic

 Report: Juve agree with Rakitic

MADRID (Reuters) - Barcelona midfielder Ivan Rakitic has moved closer to Spanish football, with Juventus as a possible destination for next summer.

Barca has signed Ajax Amsterdam midfielder Frankie De Jong, which is likely to reduce Rakhtic's chances of taking part in the next stage, prompting the player to plan to leave for Italian football.
According to the Italian newspaper La Gazzetta Delli sport, Juventus are already in touch with the 31-year-old Croatian star, and the player initially agreed to play for the Italian Premier League if he leaves Barcelona.

Raquetich moved to Barcelona in 2014 from Sevilla and helped crown the Catalan team with 12 titles in five years. Barcelona is also close to winning the title this season.

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